Dr.Patty's Chronic-Intractable Pain And You (Updates)

A Safe Place To Talk About All Aspects Of Chronic-Intractable Pain
This group is a safe place to share experiences of living with chronic and/or intractable pain. This is where we share our happiness, sadness, and pain. We are also here to help anyone who needs to find a doctor who will treat their pain properly. We have many links to help you to find anything that you may be looking for while dealing with pain. All types of chronic or intractable pain syndromes are welcome.
We are hoping that this group will give you as much support and information that you are looking for. Attempt to get comfy, grab a beverage, and tell us about yourself and your pain history. Feel free to post pictures of interest to you. If you do not see your diagnosis, let us know and I will add it to the group.
This website is for individuals who have chronic and/or intractable pain, their friends and family. Many of our members are trying to cope with the everyday stressors of being in pain. Please feel free to correspond with members on the group list. Please share medical information, pain stories, or types of therapies/medication's that have been helpful in the recovery process. We encourage SHARING. We are a loving and friendly group!
Feel free to go to our bookmark section and browse through the links and add any links you have found helpful.
You have now found a place you belong, where others know what you are going through... Please remember all advice given should always be confirmed with your physician. Although we care very much about you we are not qualified to make medical decisions.

The administration facilitates peer support and education for individuals who suffer from chronic and/or intractable pain and their families so that we may live with a best quality of life possible. We also hope to raise awareness amongst the health care community, the public, etc about issues and myths in living with chronic and/or intractable pain. One of our main issues is the right to be able to have their physician's to prescribe what he/she feels is appropriate and not the DEA.
We offer support, research, friendship, etc. If there is anything that you would like to see, please send me or one of the other administrators a note.
In the near future, you will see other CIPAY sites opening. We call them satellite sites because they discuss things from the website but do not have all of the information that the website has. With that being said, we are not going anywhere, just trying to reach out more.
Please take the time out to read my pain journey! It will help you understand when and why I started this site. You may make comments on it if you wish!
by Dr Patty